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Who We Are


 WIFA (Women in Finance Association) was created after extensive analysis of women in various sectors of the male dominated world of finance.  WIFA is instrumental in achieving awareness, assuring proper recognition of the impact of women, and providing the tools to navigate the cutthroat system and advance to an executive level in their careers.  WIFA has created a forum for women to not only share their struggles to success but to contribute their knowledge, perception and rolodex to each other. WIFA is dedicated to providing our members at every level with valuable benefits to develop future female executives, recognize and honor the achievement of women in the industry, and invest in the community.


As a global nonprofit organization, WIFA aims to bring together professional women within the financial industry for the purpose of networking, education, industry awareness and philanthropy. WIFA will be the voice bringing consciousness of the full potential for females in the financial community, while paying it forward.  

Commitment: Demonstrated by dedicated and continuous effort, personal involvement and mutual support helping women to succeed.    

Integrity: Achievement of all goals through mutual respect and transparency. WIFA's values go along with trustworthiness and professionalism.    

Inclusiveness: Began with enterprising wall street women who believe in a new and upcoming financial center with women at the top. WIFA has a global agenda to reach across all borders and cultures, evidencing the power of female inclusion while gaining and respecting different perspectives.

Programs & Activities

Ongoing events offering professional development and networking opportunities, where members will exchange experiences facilitating career and business connections. Panel Discussions featuring women prominent in the world of finance to expand knowledge, discuss industry trends and the impact of the political and economic landscape across a broad range of financial sectors.   Roundtable luncheons held in an intimate setting with an opportunity to engage with distinguished women to share life and career advice.

About WIFA

Organization for its Members  

WIFA seeks to create an organization that provides value added programs and activities for its members. With structured membership tiers, WIFA caters to the needs of women in various places in their careers by providing meaningful opportunities for networking, education, and specialized events. WIFA hosts localized events in the areas our members live and work, as each geographic location provides a different landscape, with trends and topics unique to each market. WIFA believes that frequent informal meetings assists to facilitate relationship building and beneficial networking.

Events and Activities 

Monthly networking: WIFA hosts monthly networking events in Miami and New York. The monthly events allow current and future members to get together in a frequent and informal setting to connect on a personal and professional level. 

Education: Live and online educational opportunities, including industry topics, continuing education, speaker series, and roundtable luncheons. 

Mentor program: Specialized mentoring events for our Student Level and Associate members tailored to provide guidance as these members begin navigating their careers.  Our members will have the opportunity to engage with distinguished women to share life and career advice. 

Career Opportunities: Senior Members will post job/internship opportunities and utilize WIFA’s resources to potentially hire their next candidate.  Student and Associate members are asked to provide their resume to be saved in our resume bank for potential career opportunities.

Membership Benefits

New members of all levels are asked to provide either their resume/CV/LinkedIn page.  This will allow us to tailor our programs and activities to your needs.  We want to ensure that we are able to provide each member with educational and networking within their financial sector and within their appropriate tiers. Further, in order to maximize our efforts and your time, we kindly ask that you complete a questionnaire provided at the time of membership, to help WIFA understand your goals and interests for joining.  As part of the questionnaire, members can select some or all of the various programs and activities we offer.  We will only invite you to what you choose to be involved in and what is appropriate for your membership tier.  This will provide for meaningful and effective participation for our members.  

See Membership for full listing of benefits.


Empowerment: Among the many challenges women face today, WIFA focuses on such item as:  

• Wage disparity 

• Business Acumen  

• Family leave 

• Leadership    

WIFA creates a platform to share ideas on these and other issues, to understand other members' struggles to success, to promote awareness, and to advocate for solutions.  Philanthropy: As part of our mission, WIFA and its members will donate their time and money to charities and other causes that empower young girls and women, especially those less fortunate and who have encountered hardships in their lives.  WIFA will look to each community in which it serves to truly invest in that community through partnerships with local charities. We carefully select charities relevant to WIFA where our support will have the greatest impact possible for the future of women. 

Contact us at info@thewifa.org to discuss donations and volunteerism.

Contact Us

We would like to hear from you. Please send us your comments and questions.

Women In Finance Association, Inc.

848 Brickell Avenue, Suite 630, Miami, Florida 33131, United States

(305) 676-0924 | info@thewifa.org